There are client sessions to share, photos to edit, new projects to finish and little stories to tell, but for now I'm recovering from a small surgery and working at home on my September photography e-workshop (which I love!). Realizing that I actually wanted to slow down and rest has giving me a sense of peace I'm enjoying a lot. I'm a hermit at heart. I have to push myself to get out of this house. I want to explore and experience everything I can in life, yet I love staying here in my cozy studio with my music and my fat cat :)

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fitziane said...

Love cozy studios, love my music, love staying at home, probably would love your fat cat but I'm allergic.

Hacer nada es un arte. Hay que practicarlo.

Jackie said...

HOla Toro, que sorpresa verte por aqui :) lo llamaria hacer nada porque estoy enseñando en un Atelier full de gente, pero como pare todo lo demas, se siente divino ♥ Un beso.

melanie said...

Hi Jackie, I hope you're enjoying your rest time... the weather is perfect for some cocooning, isn't it?

A. Jarrett said...

I hope you are recovering well, my dear! This sounds like my kind of day - in my cozy home as well.

Beautiful images ~

Anonymous said...

Preciosa, espero que te estes recuperando bien.

Isabel said...

Preciosas fotos, Jackie, me gusta cómo combinan.
Besitos, guapa.

El antifaz said...

Septiembre es de perros, de esconderse, de intimar con uno mismo, de abrigarse, de quererse...

... de hacerse fotos dentro de una flor o a través de la ventana.

Gracias por venir a casa.
Un beso Jackie.

Christina said...

hi jackie,
hope you are feeling better.
i am wondering if your class will be offered in english?
i SO want to take one of your classes.
: )