pastel city

One of my favorite things is to walk by myself around Montreal with my camera. I have said that many times. What I haven't said is that, in my mind, I have a collection of pictures that I call: holding hands. It means that the scene, the place, the time, the light were all so perfect, so beautiful, that it feels wrong to be there alone instead of holding hands with someone. These pictures belong to that category.
sometimes the city feels like this

valeria is 13

Yesterday she asked me to take some pictures for her Facebook profile. It was a beautiful winter day,  sunny and not so cold, so we spend 10 minutes in front of our house shooting without our coats :)

downtown montreal

  I love walking around centreville in January with my camera and an imaginary movie in my head.

sixteen friends

In November, a group of Flickr friends and I decided to give a gift to ourselves by making a book with our work. That way we would all have everyone's pictures in our homes for Christmas. The idea took shape thanks to Juju, who had the time and patience to assemble the book. We call it 16 Clicks and it's a heart-breaker. Every time that a mailman brought it to one of our homes, whoever received it almost died of happiness.

With me in the book: Carmen Moreno, Françoise Rachez, Julia Dávila, Agus Abiol, Karina Manghi, Paty Jiménez, Javier García, Karina Toro, Isabel Pavía, Fabiana Gauto, Marianna Di Ferdinando, Euge de la Peña, Juliana Gutiérrez, Laura Gariglio and Gabriela Da Costa. Beautiful people. (links to their photo streams here)

31 diciembre 2010 libro 16 clicks
31 diciembre 2010 libro 16 clicks1
31 diciembre 2010 libro 16 clicks3
31 diciembre 2010 libro 16 clicks2


first day

Let the magic begin!  ♥
let it shine
r e d


I took each of these pictures under the spell of love.
in love
r e d


Sipping hot Jazmin tea under the lights of the Chinese garden is an autumn pleasure I never pass. This year I went there with my parents, whom live near Madrid, and my mom took some GORGEOUS pictures with her point and shoot that I will share soon. Maybe i'm not the only photographer in the family after all. Now I' trying to convince her to take my e-class   :)

farmer's market

pumpkins - Copy-1and my daughter Valeria last saturday while shopping for flowers for Thanksgiving Day. By the way, I have no idea what those pretty fall flowers are called :S

apple pie, anyone?

Across the street, right in front of my house, there is a little park with nothing special, just a tennis court, a few old benches and many beautiful trees. But once a year there's a magical phenomenon that I call The Apple Carpet and that all the birds and rabbits who live there probably call The Supermarket. It's like a sweet, fun and delicious children's storybook.

sidewalk love

 I’ve been through a rough time lately. Maybe I just need a little autumn to start feeling better.


There are client sessions to share, photos to edit, new projects to finish and little stories to tell, but for now I'm recovering from a small surgery and working at home on my September photography e-workshop (which I love!). Realizing that I actually wanted to slow down and rest has giving me a sense of peace I'm enjoying a lot. I'm a hermit at heart. I have to push myself to get out of this house. I want to explore and experience everything I can in life, yet I love staying here in my cozy studio with my music and my fat cat :)

les macarons

I bought these in the Montreal's Plateau zone for a tea with my good friends and exquisite caterers Mayra and Beatriz. We ended up eating a bowl of homemade chicken chowder instead of tea, and having the macarons for dessert. Grilled Pistachio (the green one) was my favorite. I'm going there tomorrow to get some more :)