Sipping hot Jazmin tea under the lights of the Chinese garden is an autumn pleasure I never pass. This year I went there with my parents, whom live near Madrid, and my mom took some GORGEOUS pictures with her point and shoot that I will share soon. Maybe i'm not the only photographer in the family after all. Now I' trying to convince her to take my e-class   :)

farmer's market

pumpkins - Copy-1and my daughter Valeria last saturday while shopping for flowers for Thanksgiving Day. By the way, I have no idea what those pretty fall flowers are called :S

apple pie, anyone?

Across the street, right in front of my house, there is a little park with nothing special, just a tennis court, a few old benches and many beautiful trees. But once a year there's a magical phenomenon that I call The Apple Carpet and that all the birds and rabbits who live there probably call The Supermarket. It's like a sweet, fun and delicious children's storybook.

sidewalk love

 I’ve been through a rough time lately. Maybe I just need a little autumn to start feeling better.